Why do people use CBD?

CBD oils and products are used routinely by a varied cross-section of people for a wide variety of reasons. Users find CBD can help them to achieve inner peace and a relaxed attitude that makes navaigating day to day life much more straightforward. 

Is it legal to use CBD products?

If you’re thinking about trying CBD oil products, you will want to ensure that they are safe and legal to use in the UK. CBD is permitted in the UK, and Raw Swiss complies with current UK legislation by providing that its products have no more than 1 mg of THC detected in any final product formulation. 

Is there a minimum age limit to use CBD products?

There is currently no stated legal minimum age limit in the UK though many websites employ a selling policy to those over 18 or 21.

Are your products safe?

Raw Swiss prides itself on a meticulous manufacturing process that enables us to control our premium products’ entire life cycle from seed to virtual shelf. From our land to your lounge, we can vouch for every step of the process with rigorous quality control, independent lab testing and certification managed by a team of the very best scientists and experts in the industry.

The only way to be 100% confident about your products’ safety and quality is to be in charge of them every step of the way, and that is a philosophy and practice we adopt wholeheartedly at Raw Swiss. This commitment, coupled with our compliance with all relevant legislation, gives our customers the confidence to trust our brand and products.