Raw Swiss was created with a simple but compelling premise at its heart. To take nature’s finest ingredients from their origins, handle them with the utmost care and respect, and transform them into unbeatable, benefit-oriented organic CBD products.

It makes the process sound simple, but it’s anything but. Retaining the very essence of the plants we farm and harvest in our own fields, without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic additives, is a labour of love. It’s a passion for purity that means we can be confident in delivering oil-based drops and cosmetic products of a superior grade and quality.


Our Swiss quality full and broad-spectrum CBD oils are developed to serve a wide variety of everyday needs ailments. Whether you are craving greater focus, in search of improved sleep or seeking a much-needed solution to anxiety, there’s a Raw Swiss CBD formula designed just for you.

Our lab-certified products are made from natural ingredients and are THC-free, offering you a clean and safe experience day and night. We pride ourselves on solutions-oriented hemp-extract formulas that not only fit into your life but enhance it.

Restoration, relaxation, overall wellbeing and better-quality sleep are all within your grasp. Discover the perfect Raw Swiss formula to help you reach your goals today



Train hard, recover better is the mantra at Raw Swiss. When you’ve put your body through its paces and pushed your physique to the max, you need a recovery programme you can count on.

Our unique CBD sports products are specially designed for athletes and sportspeople and work to reduce pain and inflammation post workout or event. Raw Swiss’ extensive range of CBD oils can help ease muscle fatigue, get your stressed system back under control, reset your neurotransmitters and restore equilibrium fast. Speedy recovery and improved sleep cycles contribute to superior functionality and greater concentration. Find out how Raw Swiss can help to re-energise and fuel your performance.



Raw Swiss produces high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp oils for your beloved pets, offering a wide-reaching range of benefits for a number of common canine and feline complaints. In the same way, hemp-extract oils can be incorporated into your lifestyle; our pet-friendly CBD oils can be used to greatly improve your furry friends’ holistic wellness and quality of life.

Our CBD products for pets undergo the same rigorous testing and analysis as our mainstream formulas giving you complete peace of mind for regular use and topical treatment. The CBD Pet range includes relief from pain and joint inflammation, seizures and anxiety, behavioural issues, proactive health, and energy maintenance. Explore the Raw Swiss Pet Collection now and share the benefits of CBD with your pet today.


Why do people use CBD?

CBD oils and products are used routinely by a varied cross-section of people for a wide variety of reasons. Users find CBD can help them to achieve inner peace and a relaxed attitude that makes navaigating day to day life much more straightforward.

Are your products safe?

Raw Swiss prides itself on a meticulous manufacturing process that enables us to control our premium products’ entire life cycle from seed to virtual shelf. From our land to your lounge, we can vouch for every step of the process with rigorous quality control, independent lab testing and certification managed by a team of the very best scientists and experts in the industry.

The only way to be 100% confident about your products’ safety and quality is to be in charge of them every step of the way, and that is a philosophy and practice we adopt wholeheartedly at Raw Swiss. This commitment, coupled with our compliance with all relevant legislation, gives our customers the confidence to trust our brand and products.

What makes us different?

Raw Swiss is pretty unique in the fact that we can vouch for every part of the process that takes the seed through its complex lifecycle and into the product delivered to your doorstep. And that’s important, because who wants to put something into their body or bloodstream without knowing its provenance?

We control the entire supply chain. We develop the genes, grow the plants, harvest and extract the good stuff before adding it to a wide repertoire of formulations for specific needs and results. Formulations that deliver, products that hit the mark and then some.

Who are Raw Swiss?

We’re Raw Swiss, and what drives us is knowing that we deliver the very best in Swiss Grown, Swiss Made Hemp products.